Sun, South Carolina and Suspicious Roommates

Jet lag is a bitch.

I’ve had jet lag before, but usually that’s remedied by a nice cold cocktail on the beach and justifying laziness as a ‘siesta’. By waking up at 6am the past two mornings in South Carolina, having only had 6 hours sleep, the somnophile in me is struggling.

But back to how it’s all been anyway, this has given me a chance to write despite the non-stop past two days and, I suspect, the upcoming few.

Heathrow was emotional. Seeing my little Nan well up every five minutes has absolutely broken my heart. Me, my Mum and my Sister have been through a lot together and despite the tears and the amount I’m going to miss them, I know that they’re both so happy and proud of me that it drives me to push myself further. After my Dad splitting up with my Mum in 2016, things have been hard. Something has always been implemented in me, that he was the one I had to make proud. Over a rocky relationship this past year, seeing my dad crying at the fact I was leaving, to do something he was so proud and jealous of, bought out my own tears more but also the fighter in me. I’ll make them all so much more proud.

I also couldn’t have done it without Rhianne and Claudia. Despite being in one class with them both, and feeling slightly intimidated by their own friendship and how intelligent they came across… I couldn’t have asked for two lovelier people. I already feel as though I’ve known them for years. I can see that there is such a bond already, they’ve seen my clumsiness and my own embarrassing faux pas, but I’ve also seen theirs. Rhianne is fiery, her temper can get the better of her (which is the worst combination possible with me – I have the feeling we’ll be having each other’s back a little too often). And Claudia, despite her sophisticated and worldly air, can’t read a map for shit, (sorry hun, I’ve just looked at the map and I will never forgive you for that hill). But I honestly wouldn’t change them for the world and I couldn’t have picked two nicer people to go on this journey with.

The journey was very long, despite being stuck in between an overweight couple, (who had obviously picked seats A and C, hoping that they would have extra room) and having no room to get comfortable myself. It set the tone for how I think this year is going to go. It’s not going to be easy at all, but it’s going to be an adventure. (They turned out to be the loveliest couple btw).

Philadelphia airport is terrifying, the friendliest part was customs, where the men are all so charming every time I’ve come to the States… All three of us got picked out of the masses of people so many times, something must’ve looked suspicious, when all we really wanted to do was to pet the sniffer dogs. But after all being stopped finally at the x-ray machines and having my laptop swabbed for drugs…we made it to our connecting flight to Columbia. There has never been a more terrifying smaller plane. However, being at a slightly lower altitude and spotting the Washington Monument it again made it all worth it.


Columbia is one of the most beautiful cities. I can’t justify into words how green it is. My expectations have truly been surpassed. The campus itself is the size of my home town, and thank God that I can acclimate before classes start and I have to walk in this 33°c heat. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’m sweating in places that I didn’t even know I could and despite the fact that back home, I would love feeling a distaste towards food, but its making me feel so weak. Nevertheless, my aerian/ anaemic skin has actually caught the sun from the amount of walking we’ve done… and chasing of cases rolling down hills!

My bedroom does afford no privacy. Despite being told that they are ‘apartment style’ for some reason my bedroom has half a wall in between my poor roommate next to me and blocking the space with a cheap curtain and two dressers that must be older than me, means that the mischief I was planning on getting up to might be a little trickier than I had hoped…

There are very few American’s on campus at the moment other than the sports players, and the frat’s. So, as you can imagine I’m planning on taking my pick, signing up to Tinder and Bumble out here has already (since 11pm last night – its 7:45am as I’m writing this) given me around 20 more Instagram followers… so I think I’m going to be able to hold my own here.

I am missing everyone at home already, especially the dogs. But knowing that I have superseded most people’s expectations means that I can ignore the homesickness for a while and just live in my pride.

Our team is the ‘Game Cocks’ – the merchandise just with “COCKS” or “I LOVE COCKS”, is far too hilarious for the Americans to understand.

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