Thoughts on America’s Racial Discrimination

I knew racial discrimination was a far more complicated problem in America than it is back home, but today I have been frozen by the repercussions of discrimination over here.

From children’s books, and the outstanding 7% of 332 Caldecott winners having only African-American characters. To the African-American women murdered by police brutality, which I had not heard of because of issues with intersectionality.

I’m not naive; racism very much still occurs in the U.K. The 2011 London Riots, caused by the police shooting of Mark Duggan, had huge repercussions for the whole of our country.

But I feel that being here for the next few months, will open my eyes to things that I didn’t quite understand before.


Here’s a link to something I watched in class, it gives a lot to think about –

“The Urgency of Intersextionality”

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